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Whiner or Winner: Which are You?

I read a really insightful, enjoyable book by a Vermont homesteader, Ben Hewitt recently called Home Grown. Yes, he educates his two sons at home. He tells what Vermont farm life and farmers are like. One particularly impressive insight was ...
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Overwhelmed: To Much is To Much

Overwhelmed! Waking up each morning and staring at my closet was overwhelming. So many clothes were packed into it that was impossible to move the hangers when deciding what to wear for the day. This daily overwhelm sparked my journey ...
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God’s Poem: That’s What Believers are

GOD’S POEM God’s poem is what believers are. We’re created to lift him up, so he can draw all men to himself. We are not written with pen and paper, but rather love filled words and deeds that engage all ...
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