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5 Ways to Enrich Quiet Time

Enrich!  The dictionary  definition for enrich is, "to improve or enhance the quality or value of." That is my desire for my daily times with God, which can become ho hum from doing them the same way continually. God isn't ...
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Books: For the Love of Books or From These Cold Dead hands

Books! As you shall see, my love for them goes way back. A good book is like good music. Refreshing! My husband, Chuck and I recently attended a most enjoyable and informative Sprint & Truth Fellowship Conference in Atlanta on ...
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Whiner or Winner: Which are You?

I read a really insightful, enjoyable book by a Vermont homesteader, Ben Hewitt recently called Home Grown. Yes, he educates his two sons at home. He tells what Vermont farm life and farmers are like. One particularly impressive insight was ...
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