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Grace upon Grace, Like the Waves on the Shore

Grace upon grace, like the waves on the shore, Always enough, always more, Grace upon grace, like the waves on the shore, All that we need is ours from the Lord. “Grace upon Grace” which is one my very favorite ...
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Thriving or Surviving (2) The Desires of Our Heart

The desires of our heart is what God promises to give us in Psalm 37:4. The prerequisite to obtaining this promise is that we delight ourselves in him. The Hebrew word for delight in this verse is chepets. It means ...
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Thriving or Surviving: Where Are You?

Are you thriving or merely surviving? Thriving verses surviving isn’t just about money. It’s also about relationships and touches every area of our lives. Knowing the Savior and developing an ever closer relationship with him is the key to thriving ...
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