Really Live: Savor Each of God’s Blessings

Because of my health challenges and also the ones of some friends, the subject of quantity verses quality of life has been on my mind. While living to be 100 would be great, having a quality to the years I have left is the most important. For my remaining years on earth, my chief desire is to bring Jesus’ life to as many people as possible. That is how to really live!

The drug the neurologist wanted me to take had some really nasty side effects. Death, suicidal tendencies, violent nightmares and hallucinations to name a few. The less horrible  side effects like profuse sweating and bad tremors weren’t at all appealing either. The drug’s one benefit was a reduction in stiffness. There are natural remedies with no side effects that reduce stiffness.

The doctor told me of a couple of the drug’s possible side effects.  I found the rest of them by looking the medication up on the internet. While not the above ones, they were still totally undesirable. He down played their frequency and severity. When I bought in the list of side effects from the internet, he refused to look at them. Because of this, I’m not taking it.

I had an MRI, which showed a slight stoke. His nurse shared the MRI results with me. Since the doctor never brought up the MRI, I asked if he knew about the stroke. He didn’t and skimmed the MRI report. His reason for my return visit was to be how the drug was working. He  had already concluded form his exam that I had Parkinson’s.

A friend’s husband was on several drugs with similar side effects. He experienced many awful side effects such as hallucinations, grand mal seizures and more. He recently died.  So much for the neurologist’s assertions about the severity of the drug’s side effects.


Two Scriptures I’ve stood on through all of this are Isaiah 53:3 and James 1:5. Isaiah 53:3 says, “He was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities, surely he bore our sorrows and griefs and by his stripes we are healed.” James 1:5 says, “If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God, who gives all men generously and without reproach and it shall be given unto him.”

Our life is a precious gift from God.  We need to spend daily time with our Savior, getting to know his voice from the enemies. We also need to slow down, savor every blessing and really live.


Whatever you do,
Give it your best,
Your full focus,
When you eat,
Savor your food,
Its smell, taste,
Eat slowly,
Give thanks,
Each evening,
When you retire,
Concentrate on resting,
Have a comfortable bed,
Room temperature,
A dark room,
No T.V.,
Or other noise,
Count your blessings,
It’s better than sheep,
Drink enough water,
When you work,
Don’t multi-task,
Focus on one task,
If possible,
Finish it,
Then start another project,
The most important jobs,
Do them first,
Ask for God’s anointing,
Thank him for providing it,
When excusing,
Give it your full attention,
Do it with gratefulness,
You’ll be healthier,
Serve him better,
When you converse,
With God,
Or other people,
Really listen,
Don’t interrupt,
If you don’t understand,
Politely ask questions,
Gently respond,
Seek to encourage,
All of this,
I’m sure there’s more,
Seek to discover them,
To have child-like curiosity,
Before you die,
Have life to your years,
So you can really live.

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