Thriving or Surviving: Where Are You?

Are you thriving or merely surviving? Thriving verses surviving isn’t just about money. It’s also about relationships and touches every area of our lives. Knowing the Savior and developing an ever closer relationship with him is the key to thriving. Learning to distinguish his voice from the enemies keeps Satan form stealing, killing and destroying in our lives. Let me share with you what got me to thinking about this.

While Chuck and I have a television, we rarely watch it. Having seen a few episodes of “Fixer Upper” at other people’s homes and even some online episodes, we both loved the show. Because of this, we purchased all four seasons of the program on Amazon. This was way cheaper than getting cable, which we wouldn’t watch much.

Having always loved simple, attractive homes and decorating, the Gaine’s homes come across as tastefully comfy and inviting. Chuck has really enjoyed watching the show too. Because of how enjoyable every episode of the show we’ve watched has been, I purchased Chip and Joanna’s book The Magnolia Story. It’s a really enjoyable read. You find out the story behind the show.  Chuck and I read together almost every day. This will be our next book to share.

In the book, Joanna shares what God has shown her about thriving verses surviving. It’s not name it and claim it twisting God’s arm to get him to do your bidding. You work hard, put out the best quality product you can, always being honest and also responsible. After having done your part, you trust God to provide what you need at the right time. You see yourself as thriving and not just surviving and that is what you confess and thank him for.

In Philippians 4:18 Paul tells us, “God shall supply all our needs according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.”  God’s riches in glory is incredible wealth. That’s how you thrive. He not only owns it all, but spoke and created it all. An important word in this verse is needs. He doesn’t promise to supply our greedy wants, but only what our genuine needs.

May each of us experience an ever deeper revelation of God’s loving Father’s heart that sent his only begotten Son to die for our sins. Because of his unfathomable love for each of us, he longs to meet our every need and see us thrive. My next blog will have the poem I wrote on this subject.

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