Thriving or Surviving (2) The Desires of Our Heart


The desires of our heart is what God promises to give us in Psalm 37:4. The prerequisite to obtaining this promise is that we delight ourselves in him. The Hebrew word for delight in this verse is chepets. It means to desire or take pleasure in. When we choose to daily spend time with him, our desires are changed and become increasingly one with his desires for us. That is how we are transformed into his image.

The Hebrew word for delight in this verse is avah. It is defined as longing or craving. While we most often view cravings in a lustful, negative light, both cravings and longings can be either negative or positive desires. Scripture often describes our longing for God as a deep hunger or thirst for him which is definitely a positive desire.

The writer of Psalm 42:1-2 describes his desire, “As the deer pants for the water brook, so my soul pants after you.” Shaaph is the Hebrew word used here for pants and is defined as longing. To pant after something is a really intense longing for it. May we all have that kind of passion for the things that bring joy to God’s heart.

While God doesn’t promise to supply our fleshly desires or cravings, he does fulfill those longings that are one with his will for us.  This truth should motivate us to spend daily time developing an ever deepening relationship with Him and have our desires become one with his totally righteous ones for us and others. Ever deepening relationship builds ever greater faith or trust in his faithfulness.  That is core of what thriving verses surviving is all about. Knowing our source of Living Water and Bread of life, who promises to supply all our needs according to his riches in glory (Philippians 4:19) allows us to trust even in the darkest times. Keeping our eyes on Jesus is the key to victory in every season of life.




Are you thriving?

Your needs supplied?

More money than month?

Enough to pay your bills?

Walking in victory?

Free from worry?

Constant stress?

Or merely surviving?

Just scraping by?

More month than money?

Uptight over your bills?

Feeling overwhelmed?

Stressed out?

Name it and claim it,

Forget it,

No one manipulates God,

You need to work hard,

Live honestly,

Keep your promises,

Strive for excellence,

Draw close to God,

Which builds trust,

Learn to know his voice,

And obey it,

Stand on his promises,

Practice gratefulness,

Develop patience,

God is so faithful,

His timing is perfect.

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