God’s Poem: That’s What Believers are


God’s poem is what believers are. We’re created to lift him up, so he can draw all men to himself. We are not written with pen and paper, but rather love filled words and deeds that engage all of people’s senses to make him irresistibly appealing. Creating in them a longing for relationship with the Savior.

None of us in our imperfect state, is a poetic masterpiece. We’re not always the fragrant aroma we would like to be. But as we spend daily time with Jesus and let him transform us into his likeness, we will be an ever more appealing representation of the Savior.

I’ve been writing poems since I was seven or eight years old. My first one was a Mother’s Day poem. Many poems latter, I’m still enjoying it and am very grateful for God’s inspiration.

I saw a really memorable movie about how Handel composed the Messiah while having a vision from God. As the words and notes passed before his eyes, Handel wrote them down. “Handel’s Messiah” sounds so inspired that it may well be true. We go to see it every year. Nothing like that has happened to me, but I’m still grateful for God’s anointing.


As believers,
We’re each God’s poem,
Written not in ink,
But in words and deeds,
Written with passion,
Heart stirring devotion,
For our beloved,
In the good times,
Also in the hard ones,
Declaring his faithfulness,
Uniquely gifted,
To share his love,
Mirror our Savior,
To a hurting world,
Let them taste him,
Through our lives,
See that he is good,
Be a tantalizing aroma,
Hot out of the oven,
Of the bread of life,
The silk touch,
That brings his healing,
A gentle breeze,
That cools and refreshes,
Dispensers of living water,
Satisfying, thirst quenching,
His light,
In a dark world,
Heralds of the good news,
He’s our sinless sacrifice,
Our lives a road map,
Directing people to Jesus,
The way, truth and life,
Creating a longing for him,
For intimate relationship.

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