Wisdom is Key If Any of You Lacks Wisdom

Wisdom! Nothing is more crucial too living a victorious life than having God’s wisdom in the decisions we make. Countless times In 26 years of county jail ministry I’d ask the female inmates, “Has your stinking thinking ever gotten you into trouble?” It always elicited a pained look and a groan. You knew what they were thinking. “Why do you think I’m here?” One women along with her knowing look and groan said, “That’s why I’m here!” Even though most of us have never been incarcerated our sinful, fleshly reasoning has gotten us into trouble more times than we care to admit.
My husband agrees with me that our dumbest decisions have almost all been made when we haven’t taken the time to seek God’s wisdom. If we need an answer by a certain time God knows that and as you continue to seek him for it, will provide it. So refuse to give into fear and rush. Rushed decisions are too often unwise decisions which Satan loves.                                                                             One my favorite and most often used Bible verses is found in James 1:5. It promises us, “If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God, who gives to all generously and without reproach, and it will be given to him.”
The dictionary describes generously as, “in a way that shows a readiness to give more of something.” Another definition of generously says, “it’s enough or more than enough in size or amount; plentifully.” Our God is never stingy in giving out his wisdom. Proverbs 8:22-31 tells us that wisdom was by his side when he created it all. He’s got more than enough wisdom to be lavish in giving it to us.
The word reproach is also important in this verse. Satan is the one who accuses believers before God. (Revelation 12:10-11). He does it to defeat us. Jesus longs to give a victorious life, which wise decisions causes to happen. The dictionary defines reproach as, “address (someone) in such a way as to express disapproval or disappointment.” God loves nothing more than our seeking his wisdom. Satan despises our asking God for wisdom, which prevents his stealing, killing and destroying in our lives (John 10:10).
Verse 6 of James 1 is crucial here. It says, “But when you ask, you must believe and not doubt, because the one who doubts is like a wave of the sea, blown and tossed by the wind.” How do you produce faith? Once you’ve made your request start thanking God for his provision. Thanksgiving, not trying to manipulate God, but genuine gratefulness builds faith. Since every perfect gift comes from God, who doesn’t change and wisdom certainly is one of God’s finest gifts, he longs to give it to you (James 1:17).
Also, faith is produced by hearing God’s word whether by reading it or having it shared with you by another person (Romans 10:17). This is also how you seek wisdom (Proverbs 4:30-37, Psalm 119:11, Psalm 119:36-38, Psalm 119:103-105, Psalm 119:130). After asking God for wisdom, study Scripture concerning the area in which you need wisdom (II Timothy 2:15). Also seek wise, trusted advice and prayer support when needed.
Another of my favorite Scriptures on wisdom is Proverbs 4:5-9. It says, “Get wisdom, get understanding; do not forget my words or turn away from them. Do not forsake wisdom, and she will protect you; love her, and she will watch over you. The beginning of wisdom is this: Get wisdom. Though it cost all you have, get understanding. Cherish her, and she will exalt you; embrace her, and she will honor you. She will give you a garland to grace your head and present you with a glorious crown.” I like the way the Revised English Version translates get wisdom as purchase wisdom. Few gifts offer such awesome rewards. It’s one of the most valuable possessions we can ever own. It’s worth everything we spend on it. Knowledge or understanding of what’s causing the problem without the wisdom to enable you to correct it is incomplete. The bottom line is how to fix the problem. That is where wisdom is essential.

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