Practice Those Things That Promote Health

Health: What practices promote it?  In 2017 God spoke to my heart. He Said, “Do those things that produce peace. He gave me a second word in 2018. It is, “Practice those things that promote health.”

Last summer a book by Catherine Shanahan, MD, Masters in Biochemistry, Deep Nutrition, motivated my husband Chuck and me to make some dietary changes. While Trans fats made from partially hydrogenated heated vegetable oil fats have been banned because they are so deadly, even dealer heated vegetable oil omega 6 fats have replaced them.

Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids are polyunsaturated which means there are numerous places on the fatty acid chain where free radical producing oxidization occurs when either of these fats
are heated which is deadly. You need to avoid heated Omega 6 fats. They include corn, canola, soy, peanut, safflower, and sunflower oils. Also never heat fish or flax oil omega 3 fats. Since they oxidize easily, they need to be kept refrigerated.

Since it has few places on the fatty acid chain where oxidation can occur, the Omega 9 mono unsaturated oleic acid in olive oil can be heated at low temperatures. Never cook at high temperatures. Olive oil needs to be kept in a cool, dark place, preferably in a dark glass bottle. Not all extra virgin olive oil is what it claims to be. The mafia which has taken over much of the Italian olive oil industry, often mixes olive oil with omega 6 oils. In this country the best olive oils are from California. Always buy extra virgin olive oil as it is from the first pressing and has undergone the least processing.

Other good fats to cook with are coconut oil, palm oil, butter, beef tallow and chicken fat. All of these fats, except for chicken fat which is mainly oleic acid are saturated fats which are healthful. The killer fats are the heated vegetable oil fats.

The other heath destroying food Shanahan talks about is sugar. Unlike heated vegetable oils, which are new on the scene, sugar has been around since the beginning. It was never processed like it is now or eaten in the killer amounts we consume today. It causes blood sugar fluctuations, insulin resistance, diabetes, cavities, robs minerals from your bones and more. Sugar according to Shanahan causes glycolysis, which causes you blood cells to become sticky. Sugar is often found in processed food along with the Alzheimer’s causing neurotoxin MSG. and heated vegetable oil fats A neurotoxin is a poison that acts on the nervous system. Artificial sweeteners are also neurotoxins. The one company that makes salad dressings and mayo without vegetable oils is Primal Kitchen. It uses palm oil.

After my husband and I finished Deep Nutrition, we made some quality decisions to dessert the desserts and heated vegetable oil fats. You need to read your labels. I did eat a couple of small slivers of pumpkin pie with real whipped cream during the holidays. Boy was it sweet. When you haven’t eaten any sugar for six months you notice how overly sweet desert tastes. A friend told me how during WWI when sugar was scarce they put in half the sugar the recipe called for. Until quitting desert, I added 1/3 the sugar called for. Shanahan suggests having fruit for a treat. While it is sweet and you do not want to eat too much of it, fruit has healthful fiber and minerals. I have some for breakfast and as an afternoon snack. A piece of dark chocolate is our favorite dessert. We started at 60% cocoa and now use 90%. Even 60% has way less sugar than regular chocolate. Since I care deeply about my readers, my goal is to provide quality information to aid you in your health journey and enable you to serve God most fully.

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