Routines: A Creature of Habit

According to the dictionary, routines are a sequence of actions regularly followed. Like the author of an uplifting blog I recently read by Dan Gallagher of Spirit and Truth Fellowship, my day has its rarely changing routines. Emergencies do happen, but barring that my day has a predictable pattern or routine. This produces peace and is my preferred way to structure my day.

Your way of scheduling your day may well be different than mine, but however you do it, a schedule is important. Otherwise, it to easy to  get  side tracked and not know where your time went.

Upon arising, I greet the Father and Jesus. After asking them who to pray for and for wisdom concerning what to pray, I lay in bed and pray. After many years of not praying enough for other people’s needs, this peace producing routine is my day’s first significant accomplishment. Prayer requests that arise during the day are prayed for on the spot.

Next it’s time to fill my 16 ounce water bottles, add 1/8 teaspoon of sea salt (Celtic or Himalayan pink salt) which have trace minerals that enable the water to hydrate your cells, and drink one of them while reading Scripture. I’ve read that you should drink in ounces a number equal to half your weight in pounds. Reverse osmosis purified water is good. Then a hardy breakfast to see me through the morning. After that, my morning stretches and twice a week weight lifting.  Next house work or working on the computer. Because exercise experts say that simply moving is the best form of exercise, getting up from the computer every so often and simply walking is a part of my routine.

After lunch, it’s errands a couple of times a week, a daily walk around the neighborhood with my husband, an afternoon book reading session with my husband and then supper time. Next, reading, getting ready for bed and an early bedtime.

You get the point. I’m a creature of habit or routines which in my book is a beneficial way of structuring your life. Leaving room for spur of the moment events, such a friend popping in is also good to do. If you do not have a schedule, time can get away from you with important work left undone. This leaves you feeling defeated which steals your peace. I’m talking from experience here.

Jesus, while never in a hurry, was always calmly engaged in doing his Father’s business. While he was never driven, Jesus resolutely fulfilled his purpose for being here. His life had routines. Having been driven by the master slave driver’s constantly cracking whip for so many years, I am now led by the gentle Holy Spirit. What a peace producing difference.

While Satan is the author of chaos and confusion, everything God does shows his love for order (Ecclesiastes 3:11). I love order. A place for everything and everything in its place is one of my favorite sayings. If you store like items together and immediately return items to their proper place after using them it makes them easy to locate when you need to use them next.  One author described herself as obsessive compulsive for being this way. This irritated me. Don’t call your strengths weaknesses. Would misplacing things and having to hunt for them be preferable?

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